I’m Caroline, a thirty-something historian, writer, solo traveler, aspiring foodie, museum junkie, compulsive planner, and would-be time traveler.

I’ve always loved to travel, but it’s only in the last few years that the wanderlust has really hit me. I’ve traveled in 24 countries (with hopefully many more to come!). For me, the key to getting a handle on a place and its people is to delve into their history and culture (and food. Never forget the food!).  The stories people construct to explain their worlds–past and present–and the stories we absorb and reinterpret to help ourselves to understand them, offer endless ways of looking at and learning about the world around us.

I started this blog to share those stories, pass along some travel tips I’ve accumulated over the years, muse a bit on my favorite places, and, I hope, to inspire others to look at the world through history-colored glasses.

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